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10 Key steps to take before planning web design

Putting together the most appropriate website which will do justice to your brand and will eventually be successful in creating an impact with existing and potential end-users(in short, making the cash register ring!) can be a hugely daunting task. To plan and decide on an apt design for your website, you need to get the answers to some questions before starting to create and work on it: Define Motive and intent You first need to define what the main objective of your website is, and what you intend to achieve through it. For business or professional websites, the objective is usually to promote the product, company or service, and have better customer outreach. You also need to define goals, like the percentage increase in the number of visitors you want to target every month. For this, choosing a Web design software integrated with Analytics tool is highly recommended, as it can help you monitor site visitors, and correspondingly plan improvements. Decide Target …
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Top Spring Breakfast Spots

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