Elim A Dent began 18+ years ago when founder and owner, James Lee, decided to pour his years of hard work and experience as a PDR Master Technician, his creative juices and his technical education in electronics into creating the perfect dent tools. The first mock-up in his garage took him 3 years to perfect to the point of sale and then there was no looking back.

James’ passion for PDR tools took form in Elim A Dent, a company that is now a global name in the manufacturing of innovative, high quality Paintless Dent Removal and Repair Tools, alongside the flagship PDR LED Lights.

Elim A Dent has the unique distinction of creating Pro Grade lighting tools. The design and build philosophy behind these tools ensure that a buyer is able to constantly upgrade his existing model to perform better without having to buy a newer model. This feature along with a strong customer service formula, adds to Elim A Dent’s high customer satisfaction rate.

Regular improvements to each of their models are constantly made and Elim A Dent is consistently introducing new features, multiple sizes, and configurations for all our tools.

Elim A Dent’s products are a dependable and affordable force within the PDR Tools industry and they dedicate their focus and energy toward tool build quality, technological upgrades and satisfying PDR enthusiasts with their thoughtfulness and respect for their passion


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