Everything you need to know when they need to go.  That’s our mission.  The JohnTalk project is designed to be your go-to resource for all the information you need to start a portable sanitation operation or improve your existing portable restroom business.  This website is the access point for all this valuable information.  No matter the format: articles, videos, reports and how-to manuals – if it’s important to the portable sanitation industry you’ll find it here.

JohnTalk is sponsored by PolyJohn, a family-owned, leading manufacturer of portable toilets and sinks.  PolyJohn is sponsoring this project because they are committed to the progress of the portable sanitation industry and the people in it, regardless of whether you are a PolyJohn customer or not.

Bottom line – Portable sanitation is a great industry to be in.  The independent editorial team at JohnTalk wants you to have the information you need to thrive.


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